About US

About Redpeak Media

At Redpeak Media we are obsessed with finding out what brings our customers the best possible results – and then scale it up!

We love nothing more than watching our Clients grow!

We believe that good marketing is a partnership. We don’t just work with clients to achieve their goals, but we also look at ourselves as part of your team. This means seeing our clients’ goals and budgets as our own and taking pride in helping your business succeed through a mix of proven and innovative solutions. We collaborate with a diverse portfolio of ambitious  clients from high-growth DTC upstarts to established B2B.
A successful company needs more than good products or efficient processes; it needs an experienced team that has vast knowledge on how to speak to a customers  desires as well as the ability to drive conversions through various marketing channels.

Our Founders

Jasper Blecken

Jasper Blecken

Co-Founder & CEO

We founded Redpeak Media based on an obsession with helping companies grow their business to the next level and beyond. To achieve this, we care only about marketing that actually works and drives the results our clients get excited about. No Fluff – Just Performance!

Schansab Zamir Safi

Schansab Zamir Safi

Co-Founder & COO

The beauty of performance marketing is the predictability and sheer focus on numbers, data and figures. Thanks to a keen eye for detail and a meticulous work ethic, we are not only able to predict growth, but also to manage it systematically.

Our Values

Our work is driven by a simple set of values that form the core of our philosophy:

Performance is Key

When we approach marketing we always ask us the same question: How can we make sure to get the most results out of the least effort? Having a strict focus on the highest possible ROI ensures that we don’t just scale adbudgets but also revenue and profitablility.

Going the Extra Mile

In a perfect world every client has established a finished and flexible digital infrastructure and a proven and tested sales process. In reality that’s rarely the case. And that’s perfectly fine! We understand that most companies have their focus where it should be: on delivering the best possible service or product. For that reason our approach is to go the extra mile and support our customers with everything they need to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of our marketing measures.

Pragmatic Creativity

There is no Marketing without creativity. But in our eyes, creativity alone is useless unless it sells. What we mean with pragmatic creativity is that our marketing doesn’t always have to be the most beautiful, colorful or innovative. First and foremost it has to work. 

What We Do Best

Defining & Targeting of Ideal Audiences

Copywriting & Media Creation

Creating Marketing & Branding Strategies


Conversion Rate Optimization

Building and Training Marketing Teams

Tracking & Reporting Data

Running Effective Media Buying Campaigns

Creating Efficient Marketing Processes & Flows

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